Friday, August 28, 2009

TGIF? I think not.

It was 12:30pm when it started to rain, right as I walked out the door
to the bus stop. Good thing I had brought an umbrella. Bad thing I had
decided to buy $50 worth of baking supplies at Whole Foods and Crate
and Barrel.
I was standing at the bus stop, pathetic as can be, with one hand
holding my only means of shelter and my other arm wrapped around my
double PAPER bag of potential cupcakes.
The bus pulls up to the stop, right in front of me. Nicely done, Mr.
Bus Driver. As I take one step forward, my paper bag falls apart. All
my baking materials are laying on the wet sidewalk as it continues to
pour. Ugh. Soggy bags of flour and baking soda end up in my damp
oversized purse.
Good news? Mr. Bus Driver was kind enough to help me!
Bad news? Lost inspiration for making chocolate cupcakes.

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