Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm welcoming myself to The Alley Dwelling. Dwelling?
- as well as being a term for a house, or for living somewhere, or for lingering somewhere

In the last few days, I have found myself (and Mokey) in an empty house. When you have 5 other roommates and only two bedrooms (ahem, and one bathroom), it is hard to find a comfortable quiet time without feeling like you've stepped on someone else's toes.... literally.

Nic has chosen to use this time to adventure into the world of SPORE. A computer game where he cultivates a civilization from one tiny little cell to a spiky, four-legged, killing machine. He's spent hours evolving.

I've been teaching myself to cook! This new found ability has amazed me and Nic. Since Monday, I've made chicken baked potato chowder, portobello mushroom with cream cheese sandwiches, and chinese spare ribs and fried rice. I'm probably a little too excited to start cooking in a real kitchen when I move back into the dorms... I'll be rooming with three lactose-intolerant girls (one vegetarian, one picky eater, one all-organic Greek).

Mokey: Roomate, best friend, protector of 10 Snows Court.

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