Monday, September 28, 2009

My week starts on Tuesday.

It was nice to have an impromptu three day weekend. I went to Nic's show at the Rock and Roll Hotel Thursday night (The cast members of the Real World continue to be pathetic in this upcoming season), Ocean City on Friday, shopping on Saturday ($15 purple corduroys!), babysitting and listening to Nic's karaoke on Sunday (they were so "good" that Tonic ended it's karaoke slot half an hour early and the boys got kicked out).

Work and class was canceled today. I used the extra free time to go on a walk along the Potomac River and the Georgetown canal with Nic and Mokey.

On our way to a path unknown.

Pit stop to do some exploring.

The view from the top of a hill. You can see a hint of a bridge.

An unexpected surprise. Got to the tunnel just in time to wait out a light rain!

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