Saturday, September 5, 2009

Still hate GWU, continued...

Today was a beautiful Saturday. I started my day early by taking Mokey to the dog park. No dogs were there so I took her for a walk and decided to take her to Fall Fest at GWU. Outdoor festival of music, free food, and amusements.
While waiting in line to joust with giant Q-tips, a UPD officer asked me to remove my dog from Fall Fest. I asked him to give me a few moments because I had to put my shoes on (I was about to enter an air bounce jousting ring). He told me "Ok, just make sure she leaves." No problem, man.
So I end up tying her up in the shade, 40 ft away from any vendor and crowd, with an ice snow cone. I continue to keep an eye on her as I wander around University Yard, looking for food and activities. 10 minutes later another UPD officer comes up to me.
"Ma'am, is that your dog tied up over there?"-UPD
"You're going to have to remove her from here completely."
"I'm sorry, I thought I moved her away from everyone. Let me tell my boyfriend." He was only a few feet away from me.
"Ma'am, move your dog now or I'm going to call Animal Protective Services."
"Excuse me? I'm going to move her, just let me tell my boyfriend where I'm going."
"Alright, I'm calling Animal Protective Services." He walks away with his walkie-talkie to his ear. My mood immediately turns sour. Is it appropriate to threaten to have my dog taken away?!?

I start walking over towards Mokey as the UPD officer comes back and asks for my ID.
"No, I'm removing my dog right now. That's not necessary."
"I'm writing you up for disorderly conduct because I asked you remove your dog." - UPD
"Why? I'm leaving right now to get my dog." I end up giving him all my information.

"Are you MPD or UPD?" I wanted to know what he was capable of doing. Was he working for the university or part of the Metropolitan Police?
"What's your name?" -Me
"Oh, I'll give you my business card." He never told me his name nor gave me his business card. I read Corporal BROWN.
"Is it school policy to not allow pets at outdoor functions? Did a student complain?" -Me.
"I'm writing you up for disorderly conduct because you didn't remove your dog the first time I asked."
"I'm sorry. I believed that I did." He didn't answer my question.

I hear a voice come over his walkie-talkie.
"There might be injuries or accidents at Fall Fest involving the amusement rides, if anything happens please call EMERGE and not us."

ARE YOU SERIOUS? They are worried about people hurting themselves and they are spending their time writing me up when my dog is far away from everyone and not being a bother?
"Sounds like you have more important things to worry about." -Me

He escorted me out. Now I have a write up for disorderly conduct because some silly UPD officer was on a power trip. Can't wait to go to the Student Judicial Services hearing.

The good news is: Our friend also brought his dog, thinking it'd be ok too. He was lucky enough to hand us his dog to take home with us before UPD called Animal Protective Services on him. As soon as we came back from a play date at the dog park, a man unexpectedly introduced himself and visited our house to show his kids where he lived. Sounds like the Alley Dwelling house looks exactly the same from the 80s.

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