Thursday, October 8, 2009

Be more aware of your surroundings.

Two nights ago I was locking up the house and walking down the alley with Mokey.
There was a man pacing in the street, a couple of yards from our house. I gave him the friendly nod and said hi, and he didn't respond. As I walked passed him, he stood in place but followed me with his body and eyes. I got very tense and asked him, "Do you need something?". He shook his hand and mumbled something. I decided to walk towards 25th Street instead of going through the parking lot alley. I didn't need to be in a small, confined, dark area.
Then he started following me. I walked faster and he kept about 15ft behind me the whole time. He knew he was making me feel uncomfortable but kept following me. I turned right on to 25th St, and looked behind me, and he continued through Queen Anne's Court.

I was very creeped out. He was a white, thin, dude in his 40s.

Why was he standing in the street of Snows Court? Why did he decide to walk to Queen Anne's? If you can, keep an eye on what's going on in the neighborhood- I'm scared shitless to walk around by myself. I'm glad Mokey was there.

Recently, there have been a few incidents in or around Snows Court:


On Wednesday, Oct. 7, at approximately 9:30 p.m., a robbery occurred off campus at 25th and Eye streets, NW. A male student was approached by three African American males who asked him for a cigarette. One of the subjects immediately struck him in the face and took his backpack, phone and wallet. Metropolitan Police Officers responded to the scene and GWPD officers observed them in the area and responded to assist. There is no further description of the three subjects.

Female Student Robbed at Gunpoint

A GW student was robbed at gunpoint by two men last weekend near her off-campus residence on 25th Street, according to a Metropolitan Police Department report.

The female grad student was walking home alone from a bar at 1:45 a.m. Sunday through Snows Court, an alleyway off of 25th Street between K and I streets, when two men approached her from behind, according to the report.

"I was stopped by two men with a gun and told to drop everything," the victim said in an interview.

One of the men carried a dark handgun in his waistband, according to the report. The student, whose name is being withheld, dropped her bag, which held a Blackberry Curve cell phone and $13, on the ground and the men took it and fled. The victim said she did not "get a good look at either," according to the report, but told police that one of the men was slender and wearing an orange shirt.

"I was walking down a dark alley," the victim said. "I shouldn't have."

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