Tuesday, October 20, 2009

See that bike in the picture above?

IT WAS STOLEN LAST NIGHT. Right from the front door of my house.
Mokey and I weren't at the house last night... if we were, I would have punched the robber in the face.

I'm sad and a little angry.

I love that bike...
I used it everyday.
I was never that annoyed when the chain popped off.
The sound of my bear bell was music to my ears.
Every time I used my friction gears, it was a fun game to find the sweet spot.
It was my shuttle to the house and to my E St class.
My white fat saddle was like the seat of a Cadillac.
I thank that heavy steel frame for toning my legs.
1972 Schwinn Suburban... periwinkle blue. I miss you.

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