Saturday, January 16, 2010

New me.

New Year resolution's are typical. Most people make a conscious effort to change because it's January 1st. For me, it seemed like a natural process due to the unforeseen change over Christmas break.
I'm sharing a studio with my friend Alex and Mokey is away on dog vacation with my Nana and aunt. I miss Mokey a lot, but the benefit is I have more time to finish up the things I need to at GW and to work many hours in preparation of graduating.
I'm using my free time to babysit (20+ hours a week), run (I'm running a race in April, and I'm already proud of myself, haha), seeing my friends more and branching out to make new ones.
Last year I was stuck in a routine that was not very healthy or productive for me. I hope my new lifestyle will breathe a new positive energy through me.
I'm ready to see what my new life will bring :)

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