Saturday, June 12, 2010

Barcelona: The first 18 hours

Getting off the plane in Madrid.

I arrived in Barcelona an hour late, but thankfully Paul and Chamberlain were still waiting for me outside the security exit. It was awesome to see familiar faces, especially from San Marcos!
The Barcelona airport is the nicest airport I have been to- modern, clean, swanky and spacious (I have to take pictures the next time I'm there... next weekend when we depart for Rome).
We took a cab to Paul's apartment on Mallorca, a few blocks from Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia. Then I headed out into the city to find an ATM.

The ATM claimed my debit card was expired and spit it out. I tried another ATM, and it ate it. IN BARCELONA WITH NO MONEY.

I went to pick up my keys to the apartment on Carrer Valencia.

Discovered how amazing Skype is after I was able to call Bank of America through my computer. My credit card is good to go, but I am not getting my debit card back until I get back to New Jersey. Banks are closed Saturday and Sunday.. so I'm euro-less for the weekend.

We met up with some kids in Paul's study abroad program. Our group for the night consisted of 7 kids from San Marcos, Texas

Meet Chamberlain and Paul.

Barcelona's Magic Fountain of Montjuic
We caught the last bit of the show. The fountains change colors and shape to 80's music!

At night, Pakistani men sell cold cans of Estrella Damm (Barcelona's staple beer) all over the city. We were able to get a 6-pack + water for 5 euros- got that deal a few times and that's how we started our buzz for the night.

Las Ramblas- street full of bars, shopping, and club promoters

3-story KFC.

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