Saturday, June 12, 2010


I visited the Barcelona futbol stadium today. The Spanish take their soccer seriously, which is what inspired me to follow my friends. I don't know too much about soccer, but I thought the atmosphere would pump me up for the US vs. England match. Tickets to tour the stadium are expensive, but they make sure you feel in awe of their fanaticism.

A view from the stadium.

We toured the visitor's locker room, the field, the press box, their museum, and the huge merchandise store. We were there for almost 2 hours.

After that, we took a much needed 2 hour siesta.

We went to an American bar to watch the game at 8pm. At Dow Jones, they base the prices of their drinks on the demand. Every hour the siren goes off and the stock market crashes... cheap drinks for about 3 minutes.
My friends from GWU met us at the bar to wander around with us for the rest of the night. We walked down Las Ramblas, to the port, ate some great sandwich wraps, and got sang to twice (a futbol chant in honor of Paul's new Barcelona jersey and a girl on the metro singing Selena) before the night had ended. Another late night with great company.

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