Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Summer Begins!

I feel like I've been racing through life since graduation. Here's what I've been up to these last two weeks.

May 18th-25th: Texas with Leah


I spent a lot of time near the river. Met this guy's pet goose. His goose rides in his kayak :)

Leah and I went to Corpus Christi (Home of Selena) for a few days and met up with Carrie. My friend, Conner, was having his bachelor's party and so it was a long three days of celebrating.

My tattoo artist had a booth at the tattoo convention in Corpus, so I was able to get more work done on my back piece. Should be completed by the end of this summer :)

May 25th-31st: Last days in DC

These 6 days were spent wandering around DC, saying good bye to old friends, meeting some new ones, and packing. I visited Meridian Hill (Malcolm X) Park for the first time. I saw some parkour in action.

May 31st: New home in New Jersey with Alex

I'm so lucky to have gained a new loving family! Mokey is pretty happy to see me too. She's been at home in New Jersey for a few weeks now.

June 2nd-3rd: Back in DC to buy my first car!

It's a 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport. 4 WD. 2 doors. AND it came with a CB radio.

June 3rd-June 10th: At home in Midland Park, NJ with Alex and Mokey.

I got to start doing my research for my trip to Spain with Paul and Chamberlain. ONE MORE WEEK.

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