Monday, October 25, 2010

Bad Day at the Dog Park

I'm not easily embarassed. I don't usually care what strangers think of me. Because I don't think they care too much to what I'm up to. But this weekend, I had an uncomfortable moment at my new neighborhood's dog park...

I was petsitting a friend's dog (for privacy, we'll call him Fifo). Fifo is usually very well-behaved and is extensively trained.

"I had a traumatic experience at the dog park yesterday. Harry and I went to Lincoln park to hand off Fifo to Will's friend. Fifo was NUTS. He kept pulling on his leash (I was physically incapable of keeping him in control) and he was so high energy we feared he'd knock over a dog owner if we let him go- German Shepards can be scary.

So Harry and I sat at a bench with Fifo locked to it. Fifo kept loudly whining/crying/barking b/c he wanted to play or b/c he was anxious that Will wasn't there. I kept telling Fifo to be quiet, kept yelling at him to relax and lay down. I was only yelling b/c Fifo was whining so loudly. This went on for 45min.

The whole time other people were looking at us as if we were abusive parents. A few people even walked over and nicely petted Fifo (as if to say... it's ok buddy, it gets better, life isn't always like this). It was horrible... I was so ashamed. I felt like I was being judged by dog lovers everywhere."

Hopefully, Mokey and I can redeem ourselves at the park this week.

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  1. If I was going to leave a comment on this it certainly wouldn't be about how frivolous it is or how few comments there are. It would probably be about how you brilliantly changed the name of the dog in order to not embarrass him, but not the name of dog's owner.

    Harry- You are clearly extremely stupid. Please don't jump to conclusions about me or attempt to make me look bad on the internet. If you have to, at least re-read it first. You sound like an idiot.

    -Nic Iraci