Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day Dreaming...

Today I was talking to my friend about a lofty dream of having a dog bakery/coffee shop. I know I'd make no money... but I'd be pretty darn happy.

BoxeadorLatin0: I bet you will be happy

me: i think i would be too.
i love dogs.
i like baking.
i enjoy talking to people i don't really have to know.

BoxeadorLatin0: haha

me: seriously though. my favorite part of my day is answering phone calls.
customer service at its best.

BoxeadorLatin0: reaaally?

me: yeah, b/c my day is lame.

BoxeadorLatin0: I haaaate that ish

me: it's the only thing that makes my day less boring.
get this-
yesterday i got lost on the metro.
b/c a train was labeled blue but it wasn't heading to foggy bottom.
so i ended up in chinatown and had to take a bus from there to k st.
and i wasn't mad AT ALL.
b/c it was the most exciting thing to happen to me on a work day in weeks.

BoxeadorLatin0: oooooooooook
it is time for you to travel, friend

I'm not one to really complain about what is going on in my life- so I'll spare the details. But I think a really polite 9th grader could do my job... so I dream about the places I could travel to with the money I'm going to save from working this job(Belize, Greece, trek through South America) and the businesses I could own with the credit I'm building by paying my bills and rent on time...

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