Monday, November 8, 2010

Great Falls

This weekend, Mokey and I visited Great Falls National Park. The waterfalls are only 15 miles outside of DC. The drive on the GW Parkway and the winding and hilly one lane road through the forest is very scenic, it was a great path towards a few hours of peacefulness and solitude.

Mokey was on a leash for the most tourist-y part of the park: the overlooks of the waterfalls. The three views are beautiful, but Mokey was the one getting the most compliments. Many people came up to us to flatter her, including a park ranger. There was one woman who told me that she wished her dog was as friendly as Mokey, because although her dog is just as beautiful, she is very mean. I am lucky.

There were a pair of kayakers that braved the rapids and went in for a closer view.

After checking out the overlooks, Mokey and I left the congested area of the park to do some off-trail and off-leash exploring. The park is beautiful right now! The leaves are in their colorful peaks, there are streams, random clearings, and paths that take you right up to the water's edge. I was so happy to be part of this little pocket of the universe. I think Mokey was too because she spent the majority of the time sprinting in circles.

Sunny glow on this pond.

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