Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Because I have no paid time-off accumulated and my family had their own plans for Christmas, I decided to spend the holidays at home in Washington, DC. Although I missed my family and I'll know ONE DAY we'll manage to get every one under one roof for Christmas, I had a great time spending Christmas with my friends and my boyfriend.

We hosted a potluck dinner at my house to reunite my former teammates. The night was spent drinking, eating, and reminiscing. It was great to see everyone and guiltlessly talk about cheerleading.

I spent Christmas with my boyfriend's family. Even though we were always on the move, we managed to have some quality down time... There was a lot of movie watching (Tron and True Grit), walk to the White House to see the National Christmas Tree, and time spent lounging inside, bracing ourselves for the blizzard that never came. AND We had some delicious meals including an Ethiopian lunch, a Greek dinner, a home-made Christmas brunch with the Hoffman clan and their signifant others plus doggies, and a beautiful Christmas dinner at the Blue Duck Tavern Inn. Nothing like good food and great company to make you feel at home.

Mokey during Christmas brunch before the crinkled wrapping paper and bright ribbons littered the living room.

I love the Hoffmans... especially this one.

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