Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Year's Post

I conquered 2010.
But I couldn't have done it without the help of family and friends.

This time last year, I was panicking about finding a place for Mokey and I to live before spring semester started. I had given up my dorm room to a friend who was returning from abroad, but my housing plans for the new year fell through last minute.

Thank you to my Nana and Tata for taking care of Mokey while I figured things out. Mokey enjoyed the Maryland countryside for a month.

LUCKILY, one of my best friends offered me a place to stay in her apartment right around the corner from GWU. She cleared out some closet space, propped up her trundle bed, and made me a spare key before I could even say "thank you". And can you believe we lived happily in a little studio for 6 months?

A month after living with Alex, I went to Maryland to pick up Mokey. For the next few months, Mokey spent time with my friend and old neighbor, Will. I am incredibly grateful that Will loves Mokey as much as I do. He put up with the energy of two puppies (Hijur is his dog and only a year younger than Mokey) in his townhouse that he's been renovating. So, when I wasn't sneaking Mokey into Alex's apartment building, Mokey was playing with Hijur across the street.

Mokey and Hijur.

Before the lease was up and school was over and done with, Alex and her family offered me a room in their home for as long as I wanted to stay. I was in tears when Alex told me I had a place to stay for the summer and beyond, of course she thought I was being silly, but I was overwhelmed with gratitude (and excitement!) by the generous offer to continue living with one of my best friends OF ALL TIME. So, we packed up our little apartment and I moved to New Jersey...

But not before meeting my soon-to-be boyfriend! On the day I graduated, Mokey and I went to the dog park for a moment of relaxation. Two hours later, I left the park with a crush on my new friend, Harry.

A quick background story: Mokey and I have been frequenting the dog park for a whole year before I met Harry. I was friendly with his parents and loved their dog, Zeus. During the school year, Harry's dad was helping me edit resumes and applications for jobs post-college. I saw his parents every few days at the park. But I didn't meet Harry until a year after I met his parents.

I love the Hoffman Family.

Summer 2010 was spent commuting up and down the east coast. I built new relationships with friends in New Jersey and the Hoffmans in DC. I applied for jobs all summer, and when I finally got one in DC, I was able to stay with Harry for my first month of employment. Without the help, guidance, and generosity of Alex's and Harry's families, I don't think it would have been possible to be enjoying life as much as I do now.

Alex and her mama, Merci.

I love where I ended 2010. I am 22 years old, I live in a sweet house with my awesome dog, I'm financially independent and can pay for all my bills myself (and there are so many bills...), and I'm completely in love.

2010 was good to me and I expect 2011 will be better, because this time I have some plans.

Oh! And Mokey found some love too!

Mokey and Zeus.

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