Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things are looking up!


- approval on the apartment: I'm moving to Adams Morgan/Dupont area in April. GREAT location, so many bars, restaurants, and activity going on in that neck of the woods. The apartment is spacious, old, and needs a little love, but nothing Vasilika and I can't handle :) Can't wait to add this neighborhood to my DC experience: Foggy Bottom, New York Ave, Dupont, Capitol Hill, Adams Morgan!

- approval on my last college course: GWU was going to make me take it with them ($6k) but they are allowing me to take it online ($1,500) instead! Starts May 2nd. I've already applied and had GWU mail the new school my transcript. It's a California college.

- awaiting approval on my company to send me to San Marcos, TX for April 9th/10th: My company is going to San Marcos for a military event. I talked to the CEO about the possibility of sending me down there in a few weekends to assist and learn more about how our company works... so we'll see!

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