Monday, April 4, 2011

Biking in DC

This was the first weekend that felt like spring in DC. I took full advantage of the weather and spent most of my days biking outside.

Friday night I met up with with Alex and Melissa for drinks and dinner at Froggy Bottom Pub at GWU. Haven't seen both of those ladies in awhile. I love hanging out with them. Being stuck in a stuffy office all week and spending so much time with Harry makes me appreciate the endless chattiness with girlfriends.

Saturday's weather was so bizarre! It drizzled off and on for most of the afternoon and even hailed twice. So, of course, Harry and I thought it'd be the perfect day to bike to SE and NE DC. We went to Eastern Market and picked up some goodies. I gave Mokey the dog bone I bought and she threw up twice.
We biked to the H Street corridor in NE and got lunch at a new restaurant, Kahn's Bar and Grill. You make your own stir-fry and there's a bar in the back. Then we waited in line for Sneaker Con, where people buy, trade, and sell their high-end sneakers. It was an upbeat, friendly, and really crowded event. I didn't realize what a devote following sneakers had... Guys would post up along the walls or wander around with their shoes held high over their heads with hopes of catching some interest from passerbyers. Harry and I looked like slobs compared to all the boys in their flashy shoes and hats.

On Sunday the weather was sunny and 60 degrees. We biked up Rock Creek Parkway to the back entrance of the Zoo. Harry had never been to the Zoo so we stopped by the lions, apes, and reptiles before biking down to Adams Morgan. We ate carnitas, tamales, ceviche on a tostado, sliced mango with hot sauce, and horchata from some outdoor latin food vendors. Then we hurried down 18th St to catch my roommate's friends and family cheerleading performance. The GW Cheer Team is really talented this year- Good luck to them at Nationals this upcoming weekend!

For dinner, I went to the new restaurant on Pennsylvania Ave, Bayou. This restaurant serves New Orleans-style food. I had fried green tomatoes and a shrimp po'boy. The people that own Bayou also own Surfside and Jetties. Two other delicious venues.

I checked out a lot of new places this weekend. Being stuck in an office 40+ hours a week makes me appreciate my free time on the weekends. Which is why it's important for me to remember times like these when I can't stand work.

-look for furniture for my new apartment
-move in to my new apartment
-continue job search
-find another bike with more gears
-birthday plans?

Off topic- I dreamt last night that Harry Potter and I were in hiding from Lord Voldemort and his death eaters (which included two of my bosses...). We hid in the safety of my old house in Martindale, TX. It was silly, but also scary, because being chased is no fun!

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