Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Welcome to Adams Morgan

The last month has been a little busy. I've spent most of my time making myself at home in The Holland.

I love this neighborhood- within 3 blocks you can go to any type of restaurant, bar, shop, or park. Parking can be a little tricky but I don't mind the walk because there are so many beautiful old buildings in North Dupont/South Adams Morgan. This place is always busy and you're sure to run into someone you know.

Here are a few pics of our little nest:

Mokey: The guardian of The Holland

Our common area.

Where I sleep.

Obsessed with sea foam green.

Roommate's lovely bedroom.

Our art gallery hallway.

Our home is definitely coming together and it already feels cozy and personal. One of my favorite things about our apartment are the french doors that open into my HUGE bedroom :) I've never had such a big room before!

So, moving has been distracting and as always, a little expensive. I've also been busy with school work (I'm doing surprisingly well), job searching (hopefully some good news this week), and the daily grind of 8-5. I've managed to squeeze in a few bike rides, museum trips, long walks, and family and friends since my last blog post. I'll update later.  

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