Saturday, December 17, 2011

Going Away Party

I couldn't have been happier last night! I am so lucky I have great, loving, fun friends.

Some things I don't want to forget about my last night in DC:

1. Plentiful snacks and wine provided by the Hoffmans. Taking a sip of wine and nibbling on tortilla chips kept me being a respectable hostess all night.

2. My conversation about dogs reflecting their owners. "secretly naughty and needs a shock collar"

3. Mingling. I'm fortunate to have friends of all ages! It was awesome that my friends that are still in college could have an awesome time with my friends that are married and homeowners.

4. Talking to the cops outside my bedroom window with my roommate, Vasilika. Nothing that two little ladies can't handle.

5. My friend, Chris, bringing champagne flutes for everyone and giving the first toast to me (or Hannah Montana).

6. Realizing for the first time, after living in that apartment since April, that we have a working smoke detector after it went off during an impromptu sparkler light show.

7. Blowing a fuse and adventuring down to the scary basement with Ryan, Vasilika, and Joe. Returning to the apartment to see the breakers didn't work and every one is still partying.

8. Mokey followed me every time to greet a guest at the front door.

9. Going to sleep with red solo cups and plastic champagne flutes all over the place and waking up to a clean apartment.

10. Ending my night with a freestyle and some hype from my girl friends.

I had a perfect night. Thank you to every one that came out to say bye. I'm on the way to Texas now. Atlanta tonight, New Orleans tomorrow, San Marcos on Monday for some tattoo work.

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