Monday, December 5, 2011

Some People Never Change

I've been slowly going through my stuff and throwing out what I won't take with me when I go abroad. It's pretty refreshing stripping down my possessions to the basics and prioritizing my sentimental things. I came upon some funny photos and my 8th grade career assessment evaluation- remember the tests you took in middle school that were meant to shape the career path you took by letting you know what natural skills and interests you possessed?

My career assessment had two categories of jobs- the jobs I saw myself doing (Creative and Performing Arts) and the jobs that I had the skills to do (Social Service and Administration & Sales). My career clusters were based on working with people. 

This is the first time I've seen this evaluation in years. I didn't use it to plan out my college classes or the work I chose post-college. It's funny to see that my awkward, insecure, 13 year old self wanted what I still do today: To work with people and to be influenced by the arts.

My jobs in college were all based on working with children. After college, I went down the Marketing and Sales path. For those very close to me, they know about my hidden passion that is Weirdo. On my down time, and moments of inspiration, I doodle (ahem, illustrate) and write a children's book series... I'd show the internetz him, but he's precious to me and I have to get him trademarked first :) 

Here are some photos that exhibit the bossy little diva that I can still be today- especially after a few drinks with my closest friends.
My own creation. Leotard and mini-skirt: a classic combo.
Long hair and side bangs- 15 years later and I have the same hair style.

Fierce attitude.

Dorky, outdoorsy, and a dog lover.
I was talking to my best friend last night, and she made a keen observation. Young children are genuine  . Their personalities are true and only as they get older do they start to lose their selves as they are shaped by society's standards (the annoying middle school and high school years) and influenced by the world around them as they try to adapt... but eventually, or hopefully, people come back to who they truly are and pursue what has always made them happy... I'm sure for some people, it doesn't happen until they've spent most of their lives unhappy and for others, they've always been comfortable in their own skin. Maybe growing up is finding the balance of being secure in what makes you an individual while still being a good citizen of the world.

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  1. astute observation. in a sense, the return to innocence is always refreshing for a person's essence and your essence is not less beautiful than your appearance.