Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snapshots of Hong Kong. Part II.

Small street in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Mostly noodle restaurants and home repair shops.
Note:grungy buildings alongside high-end high rises.

Bamboo scaffolding. Bamboo is the primary material for construction sites.

Bamboo in preparation for scaffolding.

Street food.

Government housing in Kowloon... Rows and rows of ominous looking apartments.

There is a Chinese herbal medicine shop on every block. This is a typical selection of what they sell. I see dried shrimp, dried oysters, but who knows what else.

Small alley filled with market vendors in Causeway Bay. Bought a cute little carpet purse for $45 HKD ( $5 US dollars). This is also where I picked up some women's tights- Chinese women LOVE their tights and leggings.

Glimpse of Hong Kong's public transportation: double decker buses, trolleys, and driving on the other side of the road.

The best subway system I've ever seen- Hong Kong MTR is clean, well-lit, and has glass walls separating people waiting for the train from the tracks. This shot doesn't show how busy and tight-packed the subway usually is.

The Olympic stairs half a block from my apartment. 

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  1. SO cool! Are you going to try some of their naturopathy and other alternative medicine practices? That would be sooo awesome, then bring me back an elixir for my prince charming lol ;p