Friday, June 1, 2012

Living in Singapore for the Summer

I landed in Singapore almost two weeks ago.

I haven't explored too much of the city... and I can't offer many opinions, but this is what I have found out as fact in the short time that I've been here:

1. It's HOT and HUMID. And it's hot every day of the year. It feels like summer in DC.
2. The food is delicious. There are open air complexes on every other block that offer cheap Asian food from various food stalls. My favorite booths are the fresh fruit juice stands.
3. Everything else is expensive. There are 17 millionaire households for every 100... Singaporeans are wealthy, so the housing, the nightlife, the nice restaurants do not come cheap.

Here are a few Instagram (raqalot) snapshots I've taken- most of the shots are at night- probably because I avoid the daytime heat as much as I can!

Giant mechanical cranes at Sentosa. Singaporean laws are incredibly strict on fun times... so it seems the country has found other means of having good, clean, fun through touristy attractions - like this free show of two cranes in love.

When I first arrived in SG, I stayed in Little India.

Property developers are banking here. A tiny studio will cost you about $2,000/month. This is a shot of some condos I visited when I was looking for housing. Check out the cable cars above - another example of good, clean, fun.
I moved into a two-bedroom with my co-worker. This is the view from our living room window.

Small corner of a hawker center.
My first weekend out in Singapore. Went to Zouk - one of the world's best DJ clubs. We saw Dada Life.

This hotel is called Wanderlust... how appropriate. It's in Little India.
wanderlust... on that note: I'm pretty happy to have - it's catchy, no??

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