Monday, June 25, 2012

Wandering Pen and Wandering Plans

It starts with one line...
It's Monday- the weekend is over and I'm back to making phone calls (instead of dancing, lounging in the pool, and wake boarding on the river). Sometimes it seems like the majority of my day is waiting for my Skype to connect calls. Since a block of blank post-it notes sits right by me... this is how I preoccupy my time while I listen in to dialing tones.

Also, I've booked my trips to:

Johor Bahru, Malaysia this upcoming weekend for paintball and massages.


Bali, Indonesia with some Hong Kong friends in July.


Phuket and Phi Phi Islands, Thailand for a long weekend in August.

I can't wait!!! Has anyone been? Any recommendations?? I think I will be focusing more on the countryside of Bali than the beaches since I'll be going to sandy paradise in August.

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