Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5th

July 5th is probably one of the worst days of the year... it's almost 9pm and I'm still nursing a hangover.

This was the first Independence Day I've spent outside of Washington, DC in 5 years. There's nothing like celebrating America's birthday in the nation's capital. It's the best place to be.

The last time I wasn't in DC for July 4th, I spent it in the emergency room back home in Texas. And instead of nursing a hangover on July 5th, I spent it being nursed back to health by friends, pain meds, and Harry Potter.

July 5th, 2007
Other than the road rash and banged up knee pictured above, I also had a big black eye caused by the blood draining down from a huge knot on my forehead from where it hit concrete. This single incident is what made me realize that, I am in fact, not invincible. I have yet to break any bones and if it happens it won't be because I'm making a stupid decision like bombing down a hill with a shitty board and elementary skills.

Anyway, one interesting outcome from this was the road rash. My scars turn pink every time I drink alcohol. They stay pink until its out of my system. Which means for the majority of my day I was a bit splotchy. Scars are sexy though, right??

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  1. you have battle scars babbayy! :)

    What the fuck were you doing? You're almost as bad as me drinking gin and doing other things!!