Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Weekend Food Chronicle

Isn't it nice when your iPod magically knows what you need to hear and the perfect song comes up on shuffle?

Moving on...

This past weekend I had some new foods that I'm a big fan of:

Steamboat! There's the stove, then the soup base (Chicken and Szechuan), and then the all-you-can-eat goodies you boil in your pot. I haven't encountered food too spicy for me to stop eating... until I had some of the Szechuan soup. Just one taste made your lips burn... instant botox. But the MSG must keep you coming back for more. After a few chili and red peppercorn-infused bites, I had to give up. Maybe it was the spice, the MSG, or the dehydration from sitting next to boiling pots of soup... but we were all a bit loopy after this meal.

This bamboo clam went into our steamboat. I've never seen a clam shaped like this.

We went to Malaysia to play some paintball. After working up an appetite, we tried one of Malaysia's staples known as the Ramly burger. It's a beef or chicken patty wrapped in egg on a buttered toasted bun with cabbage, onions, sweet chili sauce, and mayo. A delicious heart-attack in the making. 8 burgers cost us 26 Malaysian ringgit... that's equivalent to $8 US Dollars. We gave the burger stall chef 30 ringgit and had her keep the change. The smile on her face from the tip lasted until we walked away- for some duty-free beers.

Water chestnut drink is delicious. I ordered it last night for takeaway. The cashier asked me "cup or plastic?" - not really knowing the difference, I said plastic. My beverage came in this nice little baggie. I was thoroughly amused.


  1. juice in a bag! so cool! reminds me of middle school! public school lunches gave out chocolate milk in a bag! #ghettoTechnology

    1. Hahaha... chalky chocolate/strawberry milk in a pouch - those were the days.