Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Perfect Bali Itinerary: Friday

I have to go back to Bali because I just did not get to see enough. But, considering I was only there for a few days, I was able to experience so much. If you ever find yourself in Asia, you must take at least a weekend trip to this beautiful island. Flights are cheap and the country is affordable.

Always get the window seat...
I flew in, paid my visa, went through immigration, and found my name being held up by a man in a silky, comfy-looking get up. The hotel we stayed at provided transportation from the airport to the resort. I've never had a personal driver waiting for me at the arrivals gate... it's a pretty swanky feeling.

The ride from Kuta to the southern part of Bali, where New Kuta Condotel is, is only 18km (that's about 11 miles) but the traffic makes the ride almost an hour long. There are only single lane roads that connect many of the towns, so the drive is slow, unless you are one of the many locals riding a scooter squeezing in and out of lanes. 

The Balinese have mastered the art of traveling. I saw whole families arranged on one scooter. Baby holding on to the handlebars, Papa driving, Baby #2 sandwiched between him and Mama keeping everything together in the back.

I got to the hotel, which is tucked away in a large expansive resort away from the congestion of town, and waited for my two friends from Hong Kong to join me. We exchanged really happy hellos, finished up our wine, and headed into Kuta for the night.

Delicious pot of seafood goodness.
Delicious jar of cocktail goodness...
The night is a bit of a blur... Legian Street was busy and energetic with mostly expats (primarily drunk Australians). We had dinner in an open air restaurant, ran into a German friend from Hong Kong in Sky Garden, got split up and bar-hopped up and down the street until closing hour. We were on cloud 9 riding on the back of scooters for the 40min drive back home.

Some break dancers performing at Sky Garden.

We were in bed by 5am and back up at 10:30am for our day trip to Ubud.

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