Friday, July 20, 2012

The Perfect Bali Itinerary: Sunday

My friend and I woke up early and got breakfast at the hotel. Our magical driver, Kadek, appeared out of nowhere so we could start our day. Kadek was our driver for half of the trip and he is a very sweet man. He has a spidey-sense that allows him to show up without a phone call when you are ready to leave. He would walk right up to us as we were gathering our things. If you want a reliable driver you can call him at +62 817 974 8128.

Kuta beach.
Our definite plans for the day included one thing only: THE BEACH. We were lucky the rain had finally stopped and Bali decided to show us the sun. Kadek took us to Kuta Beach because I was told it was the place to learn how to surf. There is no reef so I did not have to worry about being cut up.

I rented a foam board and had an Indonesian guy stand out in the water with me. I'm a little bitter about how much I paid him because his goal was to get me to stand... which I did the first time and over and over again after that. My balance is pretty good so what I wanted to do was learn something more than just riding a baby swell out. Nevertheless, Kuta Beach really is the perfect place to learn. The water is shallow and the swells were not scary. I was out there for two hours before we headed to a more scenic beach.

We stopped here on the way back to our resort, which is home to a pretty piece of coast called Dreamland.
ahhh.. Dreamland.
We spent the afternoon soaking in the beauty of Bali. We watched the sunset over the water before magical Kadek appeared to take us back to the hotel.

We took our time getting ready before heading back out for the night with Gede.

We stopped at this warung for some cheap and delicious Indonesian food and then went to Ku de Ta for a drink. We dropped by Potato Head Beach Club for some dancing and made a friend- really nice Balinese boy that knows some magic tricks :) We pushed ourselves to go to Legian Street (it was our last night!) and then headed home exhausted.
Warung - a restaurant that doesn't pay taxes according to Gede.
Basket full of Indonesian goodness.
Warming up by candle light at Ku De Ta. Drinking Indonesia's #1 beer: Bintang.
Dancing at Potato Head Beach Club.

I left early Monday morning to head back to Singapore and have spent the last few days reliving my magical time in Bali and catching up on sleep.

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