Sunday, September 2, 2012

Goodbye, Singapore.

Just four more days in Singapore.
I've started the process of shedding excess baggage in anticipation of my move to Australia. My room is looking a bit tidier. My toiletries have been sorted through. Boxes are being prepared to be sent home and I've started saying my goodbyes. It doesn't feel like I will be leaving soon... Maybe because I'm not ready to go or maybe because I know I will be back.
Monsoon rolling in.
Clear, sunny, morning.
I thought Singapore was going to be boring and suppressive, but my time here has been quite comfortable.  It was easy to settle in here and make this place my home. Singapore is similar to a cosmopolitan American suburb... it's like Bethesda, MD and Arlington, VA smushed together and then relocated to Florida.

Iconic Marina bay in the background with corporate high-rises and Housing Development Board flats in the foreground.

The city has transformed itself in just the last three years and everything is quite modern while not being overwhelmingly urban. There's a strong Chinese influence here but the expat community is huge and it seems the country is comfortable with it's "multi-national" label - I can relate.

This group made Singapore feel like home.
Time flew by this summer, but with three cities to move to in Australia, I bet this fall will go by even faster.

Things I learned while I was in Singapore:
  • close a deal
  • play blackjack at the casino
  • wake board
  • ride a scooter
  • value of duty-free alcohol

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