Monday, September 17, 2012

Snapshots of Sydney

Handy Man:
I really like our handy man. He's a Polish man that does odd jobs for our rental agency. He's also the only Bondi resident I've spoken with for more than two conversations.

While he was setting up our wireless, he told us about his experience being tear gassed by the Australian police during Saturday's anti-American riots in Sydney. He was an innocent bystander. Just one drop of the mist will render you useless for at least half an hour.

So far, he has painted our house, given me tips on local life of Bondi, provided us pot and pans, and most importantly, given me his longboard to borrow.

Our cozy home. My surfboard in the corner.

I've been out on the water two times since buying my wetsuit. Putting on the wetsuit seems to be half of the workout. I've been trying to become more comfortable in the water, but there has not been any progress with standing up...

but the beach is only a 5 minute barefoot-walk away. So I will try again tomorrow.

Caught some filming on my coastal run today.
Around Town:
My neighborhood is very walking/running friendly. There is so much space in Suburbia. There is a paved pathway or sidewalk along every street and hardly any traffic...

Before crossing the road (not at the intersection), I asked my house mate how he felt about jay-walking.
.6 seconds later I ran into a parked car and have had a bruise and cut on my leg for a week.

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