Monday, November 26, 2012

The Third Vlog

I didn't know what to call this vlog... it should have been more about Melbourne, but it transformed into a thanksgiving - 

I'm thankful for having a network of friends here in Asia that love to go on vacations. I went to Stereosonic in Sydney this past weekend to meet up with my best buds from Singapore. There was a group of 6 and a lot of love in the air. I miss those guys a lot and I'm fortunate that they've introduced me to a great crew here in Melbourne (check out the Big Red Mo on the video). I'm truly amazed by how small the world has become with each new assignment... one of my new friends here in Melbourne actually lived in the same condominium where I lived in Singapore!

I'm also thankful for men with facial hair, surfing, and the zombie trend. More on zombies on my next post :)

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