Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wandering Plans

I just received the email from my company about 2013's training summit.

GOING BACK TO BORACAY! I can't wait! It's been a year of globe-trotting and I'm excited to reunite with my colleagues in January. But first, a little trip around the world to visit my friends and family back home... counting the days to see the people that have kept me sane from half a world away.

Next week:
Adelaide, Australia

December 15th:
Melbourne, Australia

December 22nd:

December 22nd:
San Francisco, California

December 26th:
Vail, Colorado

January 3rd:
Portland, Maine

January 11th:
New York City, New York

January 13th:

January 19th:
Bangkok, Thailand

Little road trip this weekend to Bells Beach, Australia. More on the vlog coming up :)

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