Thursday, January 10, 2013

Highlights of My Winter Vacation - vlog5

I travelled through Fiji for one day - It was a weird 14 hour layover. I couldn't go surfing or snorkeling because the sites were wrecked from the hurricane that passed through earlier. So I took a public bus into town. Fijian men are beautiful. Walked around the markets. Waited for a bus to a beach while an Indian man and his creeper friend chatted me up. Decided he was too inquisitive for my own good and too much of a coincidence that he was headed in the same direction, so I went back to the airport to get nap on terminal benches. Flight was delayed and the power went out at the airport - being in a complete darkness with a hundred strangers is bizarre.

Vendors pile their produce - it's an art.

I was in San Francisco over Christmas - I am happy I got the chance to spend a few days with one of my college girlfriends. Got a bit boozy, kicked ass in shuffleboard, lost my Nana's scarf but found it the next day, and had a delicious Christmas dinner with a few friends.

No feeling like having someone waiting for you at the arrival gate <3 td="td">
I spent a week in Vail - It was my first experience at a ski resort. The hospitality was amazing even though I didn't even pay to stay at the resort! Free cookies, awesome employee discounts, and nonstop beautiful views. I learned how to snowboard and spent four days on the trails. I got to reconnect with two of my favorite men. Went to the bar for the first time with the younger brother. Rang in the New Year at a little Americana bar and free champagne.

View from my window.

I've been in Portland, Maine - spending most of my mornings in bed under a dog pile. I missed my dog so much. We've been playing in the snow and cuddling for most of our days. I had a weird redneck experience where the n* word was dropped, a fight broke out, and I was called foreign - not a big deal, but I haven't had to deal with uneducated men in a long time. Nonetheless, I have really enjoyed my time in winter wonderland.

A Mokey hug.
Off to New York City tomorrow - to see some of my best girl friends and an aunt. Will be a whirlwind the next 36 hours before I board my day long flight back to Asia.

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