Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vlog 6 - Colleagues in Boracay

I spent a week in the Philippines reconnecting with my colleagues. I love this group of people - it's always a blast when we get together :)

Boracay: Round 2
The beach in front of our resort. Low tide.
Best mango shakes and lemonade in the world.

Scenes of Boracay.

View of Manila. Few hours before departing to Bangkok, Thailand.
We stayed in the red light district of Manila after returning from Boracay. After a few days in paradise it was a bit of a culture shock to be in a part of the city where transgender prostitutes, begging babies, and street hustlers crowd every corner.

I was walking back to our hotel around mid-afternoon when I was aggressively approached by a man selling weapons. WEAPONS. Having a live taser, brass knuckles, and a baton pushed on you is incredibly uncomfortable. Do I acknowledge a man holding so many dangerous items? Should I consider buying something for defense? Do I NEED to buy weapons to protect myself on this street? I ended up not making too much eye contact and shoo-ing him away... but geez, I've never been encountered by a weapons dealer before.

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