Monday, February 4, 2013

Wandering Plans

It's been a little over two weeks since I arrived in Bangkok. I've explored a bit of the neighborhood, checked out the bar scene on Sukhumvit and the clubs of RCA, and made one friend. Things are off to a good start.

Today was pay day so I finally finalized my upcoming visa run to Singapore (I'm only allowed 30 days in Thailand at a time). I knew I'd see Singapore again and I can't wait to spend a weekend out in Clarke Quay with my buddies. I'm staying with my friend, Mel, and will be included in her family's Chinese New Year festivities... I can't wait to be surrounded by the Singaporean accent, mini-orange trees, and red envelopes.

Catch up with me in Singapore from February 15 - 17.

My friends and I also booked our tickets and accommodations to Krabi for my colleague's birthday. I stumbled upon Railei Beach Club and found the perfect beach bungalow for our group. Railay is known for its beautiful limestone cliffs (world-class rock climbing) and white sand beaches. So when we're not out trekking the jungle, swimming in the ocean, or lounging on the beach - this house is going to be perfect for taking in the serenity of a tropical paradise. Just one more month!

Meet us in Krabi from March 8 - 10.

Then it's time for another visa run. Does anyone have recommendations for an overnight trip? I'm thinking Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, or Malaysia.

And because I can...

Here is a family picture of me, Mokey, and Zeus from Small Point, Maine 2013
It was Mokey's 4th birthday on February 2nd. This big puppy is just as much of a tumbleweed as her mama. She's been a regular at the dog parks of Washington, DC, Maryland, New Jersey, and Maine. She's one of the most loved dogs I know - I'm so lucky to have friends that would take care of her at a drop of a dime.

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