Saturday, March 2, 2013

My 5-Minute Thoughts on the Human Connection

Yesterday, during a job interview, I was asked to explain something complicated that I understand very well. I had 5 minutes to prepare.

I’m not an expert in anything in particular, but my first thought was I understand how to connect with others – this skill has allowed me to comfortably adapt to every environment I’ve been exposed to.

I’m an extrovert. I have had probably too many serious boyfriends. I make friends wherever I go, in whatever country I live in. You might have guessed, I’m a natural salesman.

I know making personal connections with others is not the easiest thing to do - I’ve known many introverts that have difficulty opening up and forging bonds. My two brothers and sister are introverts. Most of my boyfriends have been introverts. Introverts have managed me in the workplace and I have struggled but successfully closed deals with introverts.

There are three steps to connecting with others. This can be applied to personal or professional relationships.

1.     Understand your partner.
2.     Establish Trust.
3.     Offer something they can’t deny.

Find out what the other person’s needs and wants are. Be observant and understand this could take some time. Is your friend a natural goofball and enjoy an audience? Does your boyfriend need affirmation that he’s supported and loved? Is that potential client missing your product or service that could make their life easier?

Communicate that you are reliable and honest. Be reliable and honest. Be true to yourself and show the other person that you are here for them. Establishing trust is only possible if you are of good character. Be there for support when they need you.

Use your skills and talents to address the other person’s needs and wants. You are a complex individual with many different facets to your personality. The better you know yourself, the easier it will be to create the unique formula to match your partner. So, embrace your inner-weirdo because your true friends and family will not be able to get enough. Perform above and beyond and you will be indispensible to your company. Be passionate about your work because if you have faith in your product or service’s ability than it surely will do wonders for your client.

Making meaningful connections with other human beings is work. We are complicated beings with ever-changing needs. Building relationships take time and energy. Sometimes it’s not worth pursuing and other times, your stuck with that bond (emotional or financial). But in my short experience on this Earth – my relationships with my loved ones and colleagues have opened so many doors of opportunity.

Understand your dog. Establish trust. Offer treats.

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