Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wandering Plans

I've been accused of always looking forward to the next move... but I can't help it! The thrill of making plans and exploring new people and places is addicting. Really, the only thing that can make traveling better, is when it's done with friends.

My time in Melbourne is ending soon. My work and holiday visa needs to be finalized while I'm out of the country, so I've taken the opportunity to go back to the United States and spend some quality time with friends and family while I decide where to settle down.

I'll be spending time in the great outdoors:

Los Angeles with the Family
April 28th - May 7th

Vegas, Zion, Bryce, and Grand Canyon National Parks with Friends
May 7th - May 13th

New York City / Northern New Jersey with Family and Friends
May 13th - May 16th

Portland, Maine with the Dog
May 17th - 19th

Outer Banks, North Carolina for SURFING
May 20th

So... half a year later, I find myself taking another transnational trip across the United States. I'll be meeting up with people I haven't seen in years. I'm looking forward to reconnecting.

I will keep up with Vlogging... there will be some epic landscapes, beautiful cities, and amazing beaches.

Stay tuned for the Global Tumbleweed in Bangkok Vlog - it's more or less ready to go. I tried to do the commentary on it on April 20th... but the results were a little non-sensical.

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