Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello Instagram Retrospect, Bye bye Vlogs

78 weeks ago I posted my first @globaltumbleweed Instagram. Instagram is my favorite social media app and I have used it consistently over the last 78 weeks to share moments from my life abroad - 10 countries in Asia and Australia. Other than Facebook, it's the network with the most followers.

Since my travels will slow down once I start my new job in Australia (next month!!) I won't be doing any more vlogs but I want my blog posts to be more consistent.

So I will be taking a few minutes and sharing short stories of my Instagrams every few days.

And since IG added a video feature, I will also post some @globaltumbleweed video clips! This is better for everyone... now you won't have to sit through my 6 minute youtube videos and I won't spend hours making them...

I hope you enjoy these little "Retrospect" features as much as I will reminiscing where the last two years have taken me.

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