Thursday, June 20, 2013

Retrospect: Today and My First Posts


The adrenaline was still buzzing in my body as I was sliding my surfboard into the back of the Volvo. I just got done with swimming and floating in gentle swells for two hours and I felt completely de-stressed, at peace, and happy. It was a personal best day of surfing for me. I wanted to observe how those feelings translated on my face, so before I even took off my wetsuit, I took a Post-#surf #selfie at Higgins Beach. This will be a good reminder of how inner-peace should feel during the next few months of transition (new country, new job, new friends).


During my my first Instagram post, just 78 weeks ago, I had only one month before I started my new job with my first assignment in Hong Kong. My plan was to live and work abroad for two years, so most important thing had to be done before I left- a road trip to Texas with my long-distance boyfriend to get my Last Session done on my back tattoo. Tattoo is still here today... boyfriend is not.


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