Thursday, June 27, 2013

Where I've Been the Last Few Weeks: East Coast

I flew into Newark after a night of Malibu Rum and breaking even in Las Vegas. I spent two nights in New Jersey to see one of my best friends. I think everyone has THAT friend that is impossible to keep in touch with, but when you're in the same room, it's like no time has passed by.... I have more than a few, including my dog.

My friends and I caught a show at the WonderBar on the Jersey shore. The next day I drove 6 hours up to Portland, Maine to see Mokey and house sit for a long weekend. I'm not sure how it happened... but Portland is the closest place to home I have. It's a place where I can completely relax.

I then drove back down the east coast with a stop in New Jersey again and an overnight in Philadelphia - ultimate destination: Outer Banks, North Carolina for a long Memorial Day weekend. The weekend was spotted with a few surfing sessions and unfortunately some unsettling disagreements with my travel mate. I left the OBX for an impromptu night in DC and was able to hangout with my old roommates... It's been a long time since I've seen them and I was almost in tears of happiness as we started our traditional collegiate sushi night. The next day I flew out of Reagan Airport, bound for an empty house in Portland.

And I've been in Maine ever since.

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