Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Arrived in Melbourne

I arrived in Melbourne two days ago. I mostly slept for the first 24 hours to combat jet lag, but I've also managed to gain an Australian phone number, look at opening a bank account, and check out a room in north Melbourne. Today, I start my interview process with a cocktail meet and greet in the city.... my sabbatical is definitely over and it's just about time to don my business suit and lipstick again.

This Instagram is the first of Melbourne from last year - it was taken from the window of a CEO I was pitching... didn't get the sale, but got a sweet snapshot of some of the central business district. The yellow building with the dome is the iconic Flinders Station - one of the main train stations here in Melbourne. I love the charm this city has... it is modern, hip, and easily accessible while still retaining some classic architecture.

Here is a view from the other side of the river. This bridge crosses to Flinders Station - You can see this bridge in the first Instagram. This snapshot was taken after I closed a deal in South Melbourne :)

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