Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 3: Museum of Old and Art & Hobart

We started our day traveling back to Hobart. We checked into the Brunswick Hotel backpacker hostel and dropped off our rental car in the city.

We were looking forward to a relaxing day of drinking and walking through galleries at the Museum of Old and New Art (known as the MONA). The MONA is accessible by the privately-owned super yacht ferry. We splurged on the 20 minute ride and bought tickets for the VIP area. Free drinks and tapas were served, so we made sure to down three drinks before reaching the MONA port.

On the ferry to MONA.

View of MONA from the ferry.

We spent about two hours walking around the exhibits and another hour or so taking a winery and brewery tour.

Some unique exhibits included a pooping machine which took up a whole room and mimicked the process of digestion. It smells. Another was a small glass tank with beetles which created nests using gold flakes.

Trampoline at the MONA.

Came back, showered, and walked 20 minutes into the Salamanca historic district with a few bars and restaurants. Had a tasty dinner and went home for a good night's rest before our early start to Wineglass Bay.

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