Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 4: Wine Glass Bay

We decided to spend our last day taking a tour to Wine Glass Bay. We booked with a small company, Wine Glass Bay Tours. Our tour guide, Rob, is an outdoor education professional and provided us with some great facts about Australian wildlife (Stu wanted to know what to do if a snake bites you) and gave us freedom to explore at the various stops he had planned.

+61 03 6265 7722 or +61 0407 778 308

We boarded our shuttle van (total of 6 of us) and headed to the Freycinet peninsula on the east coast of Tasmania. We stopped at a few points to take photos, buy clam pie, and pick blackberries. Our ultimate destination was Coles Bay and Wine Glass Bay.

Baby mussels bunched up at the rock pools of Coles Bay.

Face in the large boulders on the walk to Wine Glass Bay.

The hike to Wine Glass Bay is relatively short. You can view the Bay after 15 minutes of walking up the path.

View of Wine Glass Bay from the top of the trek.
From the viewing platform, it takes another hour or so to trek down to the beach. The path is quite steep and rocky and takes a bit of endurance to get back uphill to the car park - but worth it! Wine Glass Bay is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Wine Glass Bay.

The ride back to Hobart was a quiet one since we were a bit tired from our climb out of Wine Glass Bay. We went to bed early to catch our early morning flights before being back in the office the following morning.

Quite a few wallabies hopping around the parking lot at the Wine Glass Bay car park.

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