Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wandering Plans

I've been in Australia for one year now. It has been great fun and a step forward in my career, but the stars have aligned to allow for more travel... and this time, I have a partner in crime!

Stu and I will be leaving Australia next month for some open-ended travel.

July 10 - 30: Vietnam
July 30 - August 6: Singapore
August 6 - 15: Bali
August 16 - September 16: New Zealand
September 15 - 20: Hawaii
September 20 - 30: California
October 1: Whistler

Quite excited about visiting some new places. My mother is Vietnamese and this will be my first trip to Vietnam. We'll be traveling with friends from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi (South to North) in 20 days.

Then, I'll revisit Singapore and Bali to spend time with Stu's family before heading to New Zealand.

I have wanted to visit NZ for years now, so this month-long trip to Stu's country will be quite special. I'll be based in Auckland but will hopefully make a trip to the South Island to see Christchurch and Queenstown.

We then fly to the United States with a 5 day pit-stop in Hawaii. Another first! After learning how to surf over these last two years, I'm quite excited to check out the waves of Oahu.

We'll land in Los Angeles to see friends and family before heading north to Vancouver for a snow season in Whistler.

Stay tuned for more adventure travel stories!

Planning on picking up the awkward vlogs again! First post will be Vietnam!

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