Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dalat: Canyoneering

Our top priority in Dalat was taking the canyoneering tour. Compared to repelling adventures in other parts of the world, Dalat offers a very affordable tour ($25 USD) which takes you through the hill country and down waterfalls!

We had a small group - just 4 of us and two very friendly English-speaking local guides. The adventure company arranges transport, manages all your gear, and provides a yummy banh-mi lunch at the top of a waterfall.

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We had a blast climbing, cliff jumping, and floating the river. There are about 6 or 7 operators in the town - they all follow a similar routine. We really enjoyed Highland Holiday Tours - we later met up with some English travelers who also took a tour with them and had the same positive experience.

Dalat is where the famous Easy Rider motorcycle tour begins. However, we decided to pick up our motorcycles in the next town... Nha Trang.


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