Friday, April 3, 2015

Packing Light Essentials

I'm back on the road again, but this time, literally. My partner and I are leaving Canada and starting our road trip down the west coast in our camper van, Doug.

This is the first time we've owned a van and we're looking forward to the travel opportunities Doug will give us. We're leaving Vancouver for Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, with a big pit-stop in Palm Springs for Coachella (and my birthday!) before heading out to Joshua Tree and Las Vegas.

The camper van is awesome because we have SO MUCH ROOM compared to the typical two-bag limit we adhere to so we can fly anywhere. I think I've mastered packing light for business and pleasure, so I feel a bit spoiled now that we have the flexibility to pack more... a whole bag just for shoes?! what!

But with packing light on my mind, I was excited to collaborate with Gale Straub at about my travel essentials. I even put a little video together. Hop on over to her site and check it out! 

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  1. I love your blog & your Instagram! You're such an inspiration. It's so cool to see the adventures that you can have if you choose a different way of living. I'm planning on hitting the road full time in March traveling in a 5th wheel trailer with my hubby. The fact that there are people like you guys out there traveling full time makes me feel like it's not impossible or as crazy as people around me think, thanks for that!

    1. Hey Lacie,

      You're going to have an amazing time on your indefinite road trip! Compared to how we've been traveling, a 5th wheel trailer is going to be HEAPS of space for two.

      I never thought I'd be traveling this long/full-time, but if you're open to adventure it's quite easy to let the travel bug get you. We're headed to Mexico soon! I'll try to keep more posts coming :) Thanks for the kind comments and best of luck on your travels!


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