Monday, October 19, 2015

Life in Revelstoke

It's that time of year again... the air is getting crispy, you might find a little frost in your front yard, and soon the snow will come! I would love to return to British Columbia for epic mountain views and fresh snow - can't highly recommend it enough. If you're interested in doing a snow season then Revelstoke is the place to be! It's a homey, little community where people from all over the world visit and live. It's absolutely gorgeous!

We were able to fund our season by buying our season passes early ($800), renting out two rooms on AirBNB (which were fully booked from Christmas until March) and working part-time jobs as a concierge and babysitter. We actually made a bit of a profit which helped with our fuel costs for our spring/summer road trip around the States and our surfing trip in Mexico. We've decided to head to the opposite hemisphere this month, so we'll be missing out on a winter season. It's bittersweet, but we have plenty of sunshine and surf to look forward to in a New Zealand summer!
Are you thinking of moving to British Columbia for the winter? Let me know! Would love to convince you to spend some time in Revelstoke. You can check out some previous posts on Revy here and here.

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