Sunday, February 5, 2012

Traveling Tips from My Friends

For the times I'm feeling a little homesick, it's really nice to read through the hand-written notes of my friends. During my last night in DC, I had my buddies write down their addresses and a traveling tip on a small card. Now I have a nice little stack I can bring around with me.



Take more pictures than you think you want! CAN'T have too many!

Use a carry-on as much as possible! Those f*ckers will lose your luggage!

Be a tourist! Enjoy every city you explore. Don't forget us little people.

Don't put your thumb in your fist.

Do something that scares you! But don't get hurt!

Learn as much about everything possible. Smile everywhere you go :)

Wear a watch, BREATH DEEP, and HAVE FUN!

Keep socks in your airplane bag. Learn to use a calling card. Don't change.

RyanAir has ridiculously cheap tickets in Europe.

Trust your instincts. Stay optimistic. Follow your dreams.

Take all the underwear you hate and throw them away as you go so that you can lighten your pack and avoid laundry at the same time!

If you ever me, I'll come blastin'.

When traveling by broomstick, be sure to avoid dementors.

You're an awesome explorer. So venture out and discover!

Some of my buddies.

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