Monday, April 9, 2012

Paper Offerings

I was walking back from the coffee shop this morning and passed three or four shops selling paper toys... I was fascinated, so I did a little more research.
Paper Offerings!

This past Wednesday was a Hong Kong holiday called Ching Ming. It's a day designated for families to clean their ancestor's grave sites and remember their past family. The burning of paper goods represents the objects a family wants their kin to have in the afterlife, such as:

Paper IPad, IPhone, IPod Shuffle

Paper McDonald's

Paper Gucci Handbags

Paper Button-downs
Delicious Paper Roasted Goose, Suckling Pig, and Roasted Duck with Duck Sauce

Paper House complete with Philippino Paper Maid and Driver

Most of these shots were posted on Instagram. IPhone and Android users- Follow me @raqalot

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