Monday, May 31, 2010

9 semesters @ GWU

1st Year: 17 years old. Learning the responsibility of personal freedom. Discovering cheap vodka. GW Cheer Team and Men's Basketball. Babysitting and dog walking. Long boarding. Summer living in sketch neighborhood and hour plus long commutes to nanny.

My first spring break of college was spent on campus practicing for Nationals. Between practices I walked back to my empty dorm, but I wasn't allowed in because Secret Service closed off the block so President George W. Bush could lecture in the adjacent classroom building. I sat outside and watched the snipers move around on the rooftops.

2nd Year: Semester in College Station, TX. 40hour work week taking care of 10 one year olds. Bee the beagle. Semester back at GW. Rooming with a 30-something year old, sorority president, and Jory. Worst summer in College Station. Great summer in San Marcos. First tattoo. July 4th crash. Reconnecting with SMHS friends.

On July 4th, I was wandering around San Marcos with Paul and Chamberlain, looking for hills to bomb down. After a few successful runs we decided to head to the steepest hill in town. I went first and flew down the hill and smashed into the black pavement. The ER verdict was nothing more than road rash, some bruises, stiff knee, and a black eye from my head bump. I haven't ridden down a hill since. "You won't always be invincible."- Nana

3rd Year: GW Cheer Team. Torn ACL/Meniscus = 15lb weight gain. Discovering introspection. Realizing I'm a bad waitress. Visits to Ojai. ACL surgery and shock of no health insurance. Summer babysitting in DC.

This was probably my worst year at GW. What did I learn from this? Don't be friends with people you don't like and have friends from home visit.

4th Year: Living with my best friends. More tattoos. Talking about God and human existence. Falling in love. Trying to be a better person. Obama riot on Inauguration night. Finding Mokey. Rediscovering DC by bicycle. Summer babysitting in DC. Reconnecting with little sister.

This year, we won the campus-wide contest: Most Colorful Room! That pretty much sums up my whole year.

5th year: Living with more of my best friends. Teachings of Yoga. Moving off-campus and re-prioritizing. Running 15 miles a week. More tattoos. Applying to jobs.

Graduation: May 16,2009 on the National Mall. Michelle Obama as the commencement speaker.

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