Sunday, December 16, 2012

Couchsurfing in Adelaide

This past week I was in one of Australia's smaller cities for a business trip - population of about 1 million. I decided to try couchsurfing for a few nights.

There are a few reasons I decided to test my luck with a stranger than stay in a hotel.
1. Local Knowledge
2. Conversation
3. Cost

I had an amazing experience. My host was a young Australian gentleman who has travelled all over the world while helping run his family's mining company. He took me to a few nice beachside spots and in return, I made him hot wings - an American staple. He had some great stories to share including a party at the Playboy mansion, buying a taxidermic lion from bikers, and venturing into the world of film - check out this new indie psycho-thriller film he helped produce:

I was really comfortable. I had my own room, bathroom, access to internet, and my key. Being able to come and go was essential since I was attending two or three meetings a day for work. I would definitely recommend couchsurfing to any traveller - just make sure to do your research! I looked at this option a few weeks ago, friended him on Facebook immediately, and kept tabs on my host for a few weeks before arriving in Adelaide. A few texts and phone calls were exchanged and the situation felt safe.

Now, I have a new global contact and more knowledge about Adelaide. By the way... if you ever visit the small town of Adelaide then three or four days should be juuuust fine. Check out the upcoming vlog for some scenes and the scoop on Adelaide.

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